The Local Development Network (from now on Xarxa d’AODL i Desenvolupament Local) is an initiative of the Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC) that involves professionals and local governments in Catalonia and seeks to foster project management and dissemination of initiatives and activities in the field of local development and employment.


Since 2010, the Xarxa d’AODL i Desenvolupament Local has been providing training activities to Local Development Agents (AODL) and staff members of Local Governments working in projects such as "Employment in the Neighbourhoods" and "Employment in the 7 Comarques".


In addition, Xarxa d’AODL i Desenvolupament Local has also promoted the graduate studies in Local Economic Development in collaboration with the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and the Association of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Catalonia (COLPIS). Furthermore, a set of technical assistance and methodological guides have been conducted in order to establish a definition and conceptualization of the Network’s range and content, enabling the establishment of  the digital platform’s design and configuration guidelines.


This initiative aims to optimize the day-to-day works carried out by local governments, enhancing the capabilities of their professionals, providing them with appropriate methodologies, promoting the creation of information systems and networking support. The Xarxa d’AODL i Desenvolupament Local seek to encourage cooperation between local development structures of local governments in Catalonia and the SOC.



Xarxa d’AODL i Desenvolupmanet Local wants to promote the dissemination of accumulated knowledge of  active labour market and local development policies.

Specific goals:


  • Disseminate local development programmes and actions.
  • Improve the interaction between the SOC and local governments.
  • Provision of resources and services to the network’s members.
  • Improvement of knowledge and skills of local development professionals.
  • Promotion of networking among local governments and their staff.
  • Promotion of collaboration and benchmarking, generating an exchange of knowledge and experiences between members of the Network.
  • Ensure the provision of technical assistance to the Network’s members.
  • Provide documentation processing between local and technicians with the SOC, reduce the time spent managing.


About Us

The local development unit of the SOC promotes the Xarxa d’AODL i Desenvolupmanet Local in order to strenghten the development of the initiatives carried out by local governments throughout Catalonia. Furthermore, the digital platform has to complement the tasks of design and management of local development programmes such as the "promotion of local development", "Employment in the Neighbourhoods" and "Employment in the 7 Commarques".