Legal Notice

The digital platform of the AODL and Local Development Network is an initiative promoted by the Employment Service of Catalonia (SOC), on behalf of the Generalitat de Catalunya, that seeks to channel a series of the Network’s initiatives, settling as its central space of interaction. Precisely, is intended to promote the capacities of the professionals who work in the area of local development, endowing them with suitable methodologies and tools, promoting the creation of information systems and providing them with technical assistance and support. This initiative seeks to enable cooperation and promote the creation of synergies among the local government’s local development organizations within Catalonia.

Platform use and acceptance of terms of use
The terms of use detailed below refer to the functioning of the digital platform of the AODL and Local Development Network (from now on, Xarxa AODL I DL). The network can be accessed through the SOC website: . The Generalitat de Catalunya promotes this tool

Information on the digital network’s promoter:
Àrea de Desenvolupament Local
Subdirecció general de Polítiques Actives
Servei d'Ocupació de Catalunya
Departament d'Empresa i Ocupació
Generalitat de Catalunya
Llull, 297, 5è
08019 Barcelona

The digital platform’s main goal
The digital platform of the Xarxa AODL i DL offer an array of tools to promote online participation and information exchange within the members of the network.
These tools enable the sharing and exchange of information and knowledge, promoting social interaction and group work within the members.

How does it work?
The digital platform is structured in the following way:


  • Informative area: area destined to offering information about the SOC and other institutional information. News section, a map of the local development actors in Catalonia, links and Newsletter are as well included.
  • Relational area: area destined to information exchange and to promote social interaction between the networks members (discussions, work groups, activities calendar, a ‘who is who’ space, etc).
  • Space for knowledge: space where documents and information of potential interest is collected. There is also a space for consultance and FAQ space.


When a user becomes member of the digital platform, he obtains permissions to access the specific contents related with his/her role. The approval of users as well as of contents will be responsibility of the team of administrators of the place, specifically, the SOC’s local development unit professionals.

Terms of use
Acces and use of the digital platform of Xarxa AODL I DL implies the acceptance of the terms of use shown in this legal notice.
Consequently, it is necessary that the user reads carefully these terms of use.

The discussion section has a public display with a free access but of restricted interaction for members use only. Registration in the debates can be open (registration form) or monitored (administrator’s invitation).

Non registered members (visitors) will be able to access the basic public sections: browse through the digital platform, read news, documents and discussions. They will not be able to interact in any section of the digital platform.

The registered users will have access to specific sections such as a personal space (with a personal profile), groups sections and private discussion sections.
When a member is registered, he/she will receive an email with an URL to access the digital platform. He/she will only need to click this URL to access to his personal profile. Once inside, he/she will have to establish a password. From this moment, the new member will be able to use the private sections of the digital platform. The user’s ID and passwords are necessary to access the private sections of the digital platform.

The SOC reserves the right to modify unilaterally, in any moment, the presentation, configuration, services and contents of the digital platform of Xarxa AODL I DL, as well as the conditions required to access and to use this platform.

Correct use of the Platform and its services. Member’s responsibilities
Minors (under age of 18) will not be allowed to access and use of the digital platform.

If necessary, the user will have to provide truthful, complete and pertinent information about his/her person and/or entities/company, and update this information. Otherwise, the SOC reserves the unilateral right to suspend the access or the use of the platform.

The user must commit to make a use of the digital platform and all its contents in accordance to the Law, these legal terms, not using them for the following purposes:


  • Carry out illicit or illegal activities, contrary to bona fides and public interest.
  • Carrying out activities, and in particular disseminate information, violating  rights of third parties, such as the property rights, privacy rights, patent rights, image rights or data protection rights in accordance with the legislation applicable to every moment;
  • Destroy, modify or make useless, the Platform, SOC’s computer systems or other of the public administration systems or third users systems.
  • Spread user names and passwords to third parties or commit an identity theft.
  • Spreading contents of discriminatory nature due to race, sex, ideology, health, religion or other beliefs of other kind.
  • Carry out practices spamming or spreading not requested or authorized advertising, advertising material, spam or of any other means of information.
  • Violate third parties information confidentiality.
  • Violating the fundamental rights recognized in the Constitution and international treaties.
  • Introduction of specifically protected data concerning personal data and/or medium or high safety measures.


Notwithstanding its applicability, the SOC reserves the right to prevent the transmission, use and diffusion of information that contravenes the disposed in this legal notice.

Digital platform’s property and patent rights
The SOC has exlusive rights on the design, planning, and the assembly of the digital platform of Xarxa d’AODL I DL on behalve of property and patent rights. However, the contents shown in the platform belong to their legitimate authors.

The programs and applications used in the development of the Platform, as well as its contents, are property of their corresponding authors if specifically indicated. By default, the SOC will have exclusive property rights of all the digital platform’s contents.

The users must compromise no to make any inadequate use, outside of the license frames foreseen by their authors. In this sense, the users who indicate the conditions of the license are recommended to specify their terms of use. Otherwise, it will be understood that the user can not reproduce, copy, sell, publish, exhibit, put at the disposal, distribute, translate or modify, without an explicit authorization, any of the contents of the digital platform.

Personal data protection
The SOC guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data in accordance with the organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, of data protection. Personal data is collected, incorporated and processed within a specific file named “Subvencions del SOC”. The content of the data requested is strictly necessary and pertinent to the purpose of the digital platform.

Data can be handed over to other public institutions or organizations within the public administration for statistical treatment.

The responsible body for the implementation of security measures for this file is Subdirecció General de Polítiques Actives d’Ocupació del SOC.

The user may exercise his/her rights to access, modify and cancel his/her subscription.

The Generalitat de Catalunya does not guarantee the control and previous validation of information, opinions and other type of content within the digital platform.

Therefore, and in accordance to the 34/2002 act on E-commerce and information society services, the management and administration responsible is exempt of any responsibility of derived of an incorrect use (that contradicts this legal notice) by part of any user.

Responsabilities related to virus, errors and service duration
Within the required norms, the Generalitat de Catalunya does not guarantee:


  • The continuity and availability of this Platform
  • The absence of virus or analogous elements that could cause damages or alterations to the user’s computer system related to the access and use of the Platform, its services, or its contents
  • The suitability and legality of the actions or contents published by any users
  • The suitability and legality of the information behind the links published in the digital platform that link to other pages managed by third parties


Any member who uses this Platform makes it under its own responsibility and for its own account and risk. Within the stated by the correspondent law, the Generalitat de Catalunya will not take responsibility for any damages or harms derived from the use of the digital platform. The user will be responsible for examining the contents of de digital platform in order to see if they are free of any virus or noxious elements that could cause any damage.

When a user access the digital platform of Xarxa AODL I DL, the central computer will automatically recognize the IP address, day and hour of access and navigation through the platform, in order to enable its correct functioning. Moreover, the cookies are used to provide personalized communication service, being stored automatically in a user’s computer. No personal data is stored.

Authenticity of the administrative information
The administrative information provided by the digital platform dos not account as a substitute for the legal advice, acts or general disposals that the SOC may formally publish at the Official Bulletin of the Generalitat de Catalunya or in other official bulletins.